Navigating the future seas: Utbrudd and Maritime Robotics join forces in a new collaboration

Highly innovative Maritime Robotics is rapidly growing and therefore aims to work more data driven with sales and marketing by utilizing even more of their HubSpot setup.
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Synergizing ocean space autonomy with HubSpot

Founded in 2005, Maritime Robotics specializes in Uncrewed Surface Vessels, or USVs, and is growing with incredible pace to become a pioneer in maritime technology. Their unmanned systems have been instrumental in applications such as environmental monitoring, underwater surveys, and maritime surveillance. Expanding both internal resources and different markets abroad forced Maritime Robotics to work more data driven, which is also the biggest challenge we are going to help them overcome and find a tailored solution for.


Our contribution

Maritime Robotics has been at the forefront of transforming how we interact with and understand the oceans. With their headquarters based in Trondheim, we will work closely together with Maritime Robotics and become an extension of their marketing and sales department. The main areas where we will be focussing on are creating customized quotes, setting up a complete inbound marketing strategy and optimizing the customer journey through a data driven sales process.

HubSpot is going to help us get there, as Maritime Robotics onboarded the Sales, Marketing and Service Hubs back in 2022. Our task will be to customize the HubSpot setup in order to reach their business goals and utilize the rich amount of data at hand.

Below you can find the customized quotes that we created with Maritime Robotics together that has the goal to convert more SQLs into customers:

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 08.19.54Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 08.20.09Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 08.20.22


About the collaboration

“The collaboration with Maritime Robotics is one that ticks all the boxes. Our core values are very much aligned and with their commitment to sustainability and efficiency, this is a highly motivating long term relationship” according to Anders Rønningen, CEO at Utbrudd.

Kristoffer Fortun, CSO at Maritime Robotics, is really looking forward to achieve new heights together:

“We wanted to work with Utbrudd to reach new levels of the customer experience when in contact with Maritime Robotics. Our customers deserve to get the best of what we can offer all the way from the sales process to delivery of a cutting edge autonomous solution. Utbrudd saw very quickly where we could be better and helped us from day 1.”

Vera Susanne Nilsen, Marketing & Communication Lead at Maritime Robotics, continues:

“Maritime Robotics has grown significantly over the past few years, as a result of an increasing market demand from industries developing at a rapid pace. In order to continue growing and make sure we stand out from competitors entering the market, we see the value of optimizing our marketing activities. We look forward to continuing collaborating with Utbrudd, implementing their expertise in HubSpot and inbound marketing into our own marketing strategies going forward.”

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