How to boost your recruiting with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool that helps find, connect with, and manage the people you want to be on your team. It can be overwhelming to start using it for recruiting, so this article is there to help you getting started.
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Finding the right person for the right position is becoming more difficult every day. Another challenge is that the competition and demand for new talents has skyrocketed. So how will you find that frontend developer, production engineer or marketing manager in the most efficient way?

LinkedIn is there to help you! But where to start? I will guide you on your way to hire that amazing talent with some handy tips and explain how we at Utbrudd can join forces to optimise your company’s recruiting.


Be visible

You can get your open job position up on LinkedIn for free. How generous of LinkedIn! Use the ‘Post a job’ button in the top right corner to get started with publishing your first job.

Optimize your job listing with a strong title, a clear and concise description and an image to make it look appealing. A closer look will be taken at this functionality in Kristin's article about the different LinkedIn tools for recruiting.

Only posting open job positions on your LinkedIn Company Page is often not enough to reach the right amount of prospects for your open position.

In order for people to apply at your company they need to be able to find you. One way to do that is to promote the job that you created for free.

On average, you will receive three times the amount of applicants compared to when you would post the job for free. Next to that, your job post is eligible to appear at the top of search results with a “Promoted” tag when job seekers search for jobs like yours. You will therefore get a lot of bang for your buck!

LinkedIn is helping you to find the right applicant, but you are in full control. Decide how you want to allocate your budget by defining a daily or a total budget.

You can also close the job post whenever you want, for example when you found the right person. So it has been made easy for you but you still hold all the strings.


It’s a continuous process

Efficiently making use of LinkedIn for your recruiting process is not a one time effort but requires constant optimisation.

Finding enough job seekers for your open position is one thing, but your company and the job post also need to be attractive enough for job seekers to press the apply now-button. It is therefore key to improve your reputation as an employer, or also known as employer branding. Some best practices to improve your employer branding through LinkedIn are listed below.


1. Ensure your profile is top notch, always

Make sure your LinkedIn Company Page is looking pristine. Think about having a professional profile picture, a link to your website and a relevant headline. It is the facade of your company for job seekers after all and needs to look in the best way possible.


2. Stay engaged

LinkedIn is the ideal way to not only send information but also receive something in return. Make use of it!

Respond to questions asked in the comments, share posts from others that could be interesting for your connections or connect with people of interest in your industry. It is also a great way to share company updates and news to keep your potential future employees informed on what you are working on.


3. Utilise your privacy settings to your advantage

It is a bit of an open door, apologies for that, but privacy is a big deal breaker for many applicants. So better use the privacy settings to your advantage.

For example, LinkedIn has the functionality for job seekers to communicate that they are open for new job positions. As a company you can specifically target those that have this functionality enabled.

Another way to use the privacy settings to your advantage is by viewing candidate profiles without them knowing that you did in private mode.

When you view a profile in private mode, you'll appear in that person's Who's Viewed Your Profile section as LinkedIn Member - This person is viewing profiles in private mode.


4. Keep SEO in mind at every step

Another open door, but often overlooked. The description of your company or the job positions that you are posting are also subject to search engine optimisation (SEO). Creating a LinkedIn Company Page gives your company another opportunity to be discovered by those searching for your products, services, or brand.


5. Keep track of your analytics

We love data as it provides us with the foundation for making changes or updates to all communication channels. Also for LinkedIn, you can track the analytics of your job posting.

Check for example regularly whether your promoted job position is getting impressions and is resulting in conversions. If this is not the case, you can adjust your strategy and change the content or the budget in order to reach the relevant job seekers more effectively.


Make applying as easy as possible

It has become easier to apply for jobs from, for example, your phone on the bus or while you are scrolling through your LinkedIn feed on your laptop. LinkedIn has created several features to make this process as smooth as possible.

One of these features is the Easy Apply function. This functionality allows for your applicants to apply for a position without leaving the LinkedIn environment. Moreover it uses the LinkedIn profile data so you can easily screen whether the applicant checks the requirement boxes. All data in one place, perfect right?

Easy Apply filter on LinkedIn
Select the Easy Apply button to filter all jobs with this function enabled.

Another very useful LinkedIn functionality when you are using LinkedIn alongside an applicant tracking system (ATS) such as Workable, Greenhouse or BambooHR is that they now speak the same language.

When you have job positions published on your website, applicants can use their data on LinkedIn to fill in forms for a more simplistic process. What’s more, the other way around you can also see in your ATS system whether your company received applications through LinkedIn.

Other (non ATS) software applications can also be used in combination with LinkedIn, such as Microsoft Teams for video interviews. When you connect your LinkedIn and Microsoft Teams accounts, you can discover more about a person in any one-on-one chat in Teams. Find out what you have in common with them, see your degrees of connection, and connect on LinkedIn without leaving Teams.


How we can help with recruiting

At Utbrudd we understand that the recruiting process costs a lot of time. Sourcing, promoting, reporting, targeting the right audience, but also keeping track of performance is something we do on a daily basis.

We can assist you with your LinkedIn setup but also have the knowledge in house to expand the scope to other channels such as Google Ads, Instagram and Facebook. The ultimate goal being that you are the employer that people want to work for.

Get in touch with us and together we will make sure your recruiting process is in place to find the right person for the job!

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