HubSpot updates: free CMS tools and responsive text ad creation

We have listed the most important HubSpot updates and product launches you need to know for the month of June.
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Free CMS tools

HubSpot released a package of free CMS tools to use in order to get started with building your website within the HubSpot ecosystem. A company's website is often the first touch point a prospective customer has with that business, making it an important marketing asset. That's why growing businesses need a CMS that enables them to create a website that is customized to their unique needs. The package includes the following tools:

  • Access to the Asset Marketplace, filled with free and paid themes
  • Ability to publish up to 25 website pages in multiple languages
  • Blogging tools (1 blog / up to 100 blog posts)
  • Ability to connect a custom domain for website pages, blog posts, and landing pages
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Page-level analytics and Web Analytics dashboard
  • Built-in SEO recommendations
  • Developer tools (ability to modify your page HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using the Design Manager and CLI)

To start using the free CMS tools, navigate to Marketing > Website > Website pages in your portal.


Live Call direction is now a CRM property

Call direction (inbound and outbound) is now a CRM property. Users can view and set the direction in the activity timeline and add it to manual call logs. When a call takes place within HubSpot the direction is automatically added to the call record in the CRM timeline. Users can update the direction by selecting the dropdown (see image below).

Call direction HubSpot

Responsive Ad Creation for Google Ads

On June 30, 2022 Google deprecated the ability to create or edit expanded text ads on its platform. From now on, when creating a new Google search ad campaign in HubSpot, you will only be able to create responsive ads. When in the Ads tool (navigate here by going to Marketing -> Ads), select "Create ad campaign" and choose "Search ad." Responsive ads will automatically be shown for all ads.

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A new process to create reports and dashboards

Reporting is crucial to understanding what parts of your strategy are working and where you can improve. When looking to generate insight on your team strategy in the form of a report or dashboard, it can be easier and faster to have some inspiration or a place to start.

When creating a new report or new dashboard, you will now be greeted by a new space that combines the options to build from scratch or choose from templates. It is streamlined to provide one consistent experience between creating new reports and dashboards. When creating either a new report or dashboard, you will now see options to start from scratch or start from a template in the same step. This will save time and provide clarity on the options available to build the best reports and dashboards for your business. Below you can see the new interface of creating dashboards.

Create dashboards HubSpot

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