HubSpot updates: Adjusted Open Rates and LinkedIn Ad Conversion Events

After the vacation period, we are back to update you with the most relevant HubSpot updates which were introduced in the months July and August.
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New Adjusted Open Rates

HubSpot launched a new metric called Adjusted Open Rates (AOR) which basically is a version of the existing Open Rate that reports on the % of human opens (also known as reliable opens) within the population of emails that discounts emails with events associated with Apple Devices (also known as unreliable opens).

Since the introduction of the privacy changes in iOS 15, the regular open rates of emails have become quite complex. This is because it is extremely challenging to correctly track and distinguish an open event from any Apple Device as reliably opened by a human or a bot. HubSpot does not believe that Apple will be the only email client to enact a change of this type, and is therefore, with the AOR, focused on building a solution that is scalable across providers.

You can find the AOR when you navigate to the Performance Tab after selecting a sent email and then click on the Calculate Adjusted Open Rates open button.


LinkedIn Ad Conversion Events

Ad conversion events are now available for LinkedIn. You will now be able to sync lifecycle stage changes, (as you are able to today for Google and Facebook), for LinkedIn as well.

Sending your first-party data back to ad networks is critical for ensuring your ad spend is properly optimized. Now you will be able to send data back to LinkedIn every time a contact changes lifecycle stages along with a deal value or custom value so LinkedIn can apply that to its optimizations. You will also have the ability to attribute these events to specific campaigns within the LinkedIn Campaign Manager UI to see reporting within LinkedIn.

In order to start  using LinkedIn Ad Conversion Events you have to have a connected LinkedIn Ads account in HubSpot. Next, navigate to the Ads tool in HubSpot and press the Create Event button in the top right-hand corner. Select LinkedIn as the ad network and select your ad account. You can then decide which lifecycle stage trigger to send in (Subscriber, Lead, MQL, SQL, Opportunity, Customer, Evangelist or Other) and what LinkedIn lifecycle stage that should be mapped to. After that, you will need to set a value. This value can be based on the HubSpot deal value or a custom value defined by you. Give it a name and you are all set!


Customize the Navigation Menu Inside Your Customer Portal

You can now customize the top menu of your customer portal in HubSpot to fit your needs. Until now, every customer portal had a default navigation menu with preset links and no pathway to customize the menu text or destination URLs. A small update but this can nevertheless be quite useful!

So how does that work you ask? Navigate to customer portal settings by choosing the "Customer Portal" link under the "Service" heading in the main navigation. In customer portal settings, go to the "Template" tab. Scroll down and choose the option to customize the navigation. In the sidebar that appears on the right, users can now choose to fully customize their navigation menu.


Simple eCommerce Recommendations for Product Module

You now have the possibility while creating emails to send out to customers to more easily select products based on four filters. These filters are:

  • Top sellers - shows and sorts products in order of popularity, based on how many are associated to a deal with a Deal Probability property value of 100%
  • Latest products - shows and sorts products based on the date they were added to your catalog, with the newest first
  • Price (high to low) - show products by price in descending order (excludes discounts)
  • Price (low to high) - show products by price in ascending order (excludes discounts)

This new product recommendation feature provides you with an easy and simple method to pull the products that matter to your customers into marketing emails. You no longer need developer assistance to build modules and manually work through product library inventory to find the products that matter. The image below shows where you can find the four product categories.

Product categories HubSpot

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HubSpot is coming to Trondheim🔥

On October 18th during #Brainternett 2022 the Senior Solutions Engineer of HubSpot will come to Trondheim! Allison Ziehr will talk about the benefits of using HubSpot as a CRM to power decision making.

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