Collocation: the Utbrudd approach to client partnership

Take a peek behind the scenes into how we work and why we want to be close to our clients by working in the same room.
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In today's ever changing business landscape, successful collaborations between agencies and clients is not just a luxury but a necessity. At Utbrudd, it is super important for us to get to know our clients thoroughly. This serves as the foundation for all of our long-term client-advisor relationships. The benefit of having these long-term collaborations with a selection of clients over many short-term projects is that we can build on continuity, have short lines with the right people and can really invest in achieving great results.


Why we work together in the same room

One way we build these long lasting collaborations is to discuss locating one or more resources in our clients' office or vice versa where a resource from our client comes to our office to work together. Or, as we call it, Collocation. 

This does not necessarily have to be the same person for every client. We have had Bård working weekly at Sticos, Steven working every Wednesday at Lindbak’s office, Tore Ligaard visiting our office on Friday to work together with Martin and Alfred working from both Sticos’ and’s office.

"Employees at Utbrudd possess solid expertise in several fields related to marketing. At Sticos, we have a designated office space in the marketing department that is occupied by an Utbrudd employee every Thursday. It is a great advantage for us that this external resource sits together with us, in the same room. This arrangement provides for good discussions about our issues and leads to better solutions. We greatly appreciate the flexibility that Utbrudd provides." Tonje Heggum, Head of Marketing at Sticos

The occasion when we decide to collocate together with our clients varies. We for example work one day per week together in our clients office for just a couple of weeks while implementing a new design of the website. Another occasion where we work together at our clients’ office is when there is a shortage of resources or many people on sick leave so that we can fill in the gap of creating effective content and keep the performance marketing running. Other examples of activities include: setting up campaigns, co writing articles, performing SEO analyses and implementing HubSpot optimization activities.


Benefits of collocation

We believe that the key to a successful collaboration is a synergy of trust, transparency, and mutual respect. By working closely with our clients, we create such an environment where ideas flourish, innovation thrives, and goals are exceeded. Some advantages of collocation:

  • Speed and agility: By being physically present in the same room as our clients, we can respond swiftly to emerging needs, address concerns in real-time, and speed up the decision-making processes. This agility enables us to easily change direction when roadblocks emerge.
  • Deep understanding: Being close with our clients helps us to get a deeper understanding of our clients' businesses, objectives, and challenges. By experiencing their day-to-day operations firsthand, we gain invaluable insights that inform our strategies and tactics, ensuring alignment with their overarching goals.
  • Seamless integration: By seamlessly integrating into our clients' teams, we break down silos and foster a culture of collaboration. This unified approach enables us to work together seamlessly, leveraging each other's strengths and expertise to achieve collective success.

To sum up, our commitment to close collaboration sets Utbrudd apart as an agency that truly invests in the success of our clients. By working hand-in-hand, we not only deliver exceptional results but also establish lasting partnerships that move businesses forward in today's competitive landscape. 

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