Here are some updates from our friends at HubSpot

HubSpot have released new features to make your life a bit easier and more efficient. Here are fifteen new features that we like.
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Marketing Hub:

1. Improvements to ‘Marketing event’ associations in Campaigns

HubSpot have improved the association functionality of ‘marketing events’ with a HubSpot campaign. You can now add marketing events including offline event data to a campaign, and create a new marketing event from within the ‘Add assets’ modal.

This is avaliable to Marketing Hub Pro+ customers.

2. AI Assistant: Preview Text Generation

Content creators can now easily generate preview text for their campaign, complementing the ability to generate a subject line within the Email Editor.

Available to all hubs and tiers.

3. Multi Object Preview & Test Send Filters

Previewing personalized elements such as tokens in a Marketing Email before sending is crucial to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Available to Marketing Hub Pro+ customers.

Marketing + Content Hub:

4. Blog Post Narration

This feature converts blog post content into engaging text-to-speech audio through an embedded module.

Available to Marketing Hub and Content Hub Pro+ customers.

5. Converting Landing Pages in Free and Starter Tiers to an Advanced Editing Experience

This update makes it easier to customize landing pages by converting the Landing Pages to have advanced editing functionality.

Available to all hubs and tiers.

Sales Hub:

6. LinkedIn CRM Sync

This new two-way integration between HubSpot and LinkedIn supercharges the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Ads experience.

Available to Sales Hub Pro+ customers with a LinkedIn Advanced Plus subscription.

Service Hub

7. All-New Help Desk Workspace for Support Teams

Help desk consolidates tickets and conversations in a centralized workspace, allowing your support team to intake, triage, troubleshoot, and resolve customer requests much more efficiently.

Available to Service Hub Pro+ customers.

8. Connect WhatsApp to Help Desk

WhatsApp is now available as a channel to Help Desk, HubSpot’s new ticket management workspace, purpose-built for your support team to provide efficient and empathetic customer service.

Available to Service Hub Pro+ customers.


9. The New Memberships App for Service Content

This app consolidates the creation of access groups and administrative tasks into a single application, “Memberships”.

Available to Service Hub Pro+ customers

Commerce Hub

10. Accept Partial Payments on Invoices

Merchants can now accept multiple partial payment amounts on an invoice, with various payment methods.

Available to all Commerce Hub customers.

11. reCAPTCHA opt-out for Commerce Hub Checkout

Commerce Hub customers can now opt-out of reCAPTCHA to comply with GDPR guidelines.

Available to all hubs and tiers.

Smart CRM

12. Refreshed Global Navigation Menu and Sidebar

The updated global navigation features a vertical navigation on the left of your screen with an updated menu structure for improved efficiency.

Available to all hubs and tiers.

13. Data Trend

A new chart and table enable users to see common sources that are creating, deleting, updating, and merging records.

Available to all users with reporting access.

14. Improved File Property Experience in HubSpot’s Smart CRM

You can now upload and manage files using a custom file property in HubSpot’s CRM, enabling seamless file management.

Available to all hubs and tiers

15. Conditional display logic in CRM Preview sidebar

Admins can now configure property cards to display only when specific criteria are met, just like on the record left sidebar.

Available to all hubs and tiers.

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