Solgaard + Utbrudd unite to launch sustainable travel gear in Norway

High-end and sustainable travel gear brand Solgaard from New York joins forces with us in a long term collaboration to launch their durable and upcycled products in Norway.
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About Solgaard

A design driven brand using business as a force for good, Solgaard’s premium travel and lifestyle goods are crafted through sustainable innovation. Pioneers in using ocean-bound plastic in its fabrics (Shore-Tex®) and travel gear (including the Carry-On Closet®), Solgaard cleans up six pounds of plastic from coastal communities with every purchase. Relentless in his pursuit to create an economic engine for good, Norwegian-Canadian entrepreneur, Adrian Solgaard, founded the brand in 2016 to optimize life on the go for global citizens. With over a million pounds of coastal plastic collection underway as of February 2023, Solgaard is working to collect an additional 10 million pounds of plastic via its current project pipeline. Solgaard is a certified B Corporation™.


Our contribution

Utbrudd will join Solgaard in their mission to become climate positive. Together we plan to reach and inspire people to make sustainable decisions when it comes to purchasing travel gear and accessories. Solgaard is on the brink of expanding their activities across the ocean in Norway and we are highly excited to support them along the way!

Tasks will vary from setting up and optimizing all social and paid channels, design an effective launch campaign and establish sustainable growth in Norway after the launch.


About the collaboration

Anders S. Rønningen, CEO at Utbrudd is very much looking forward to our collaboration with Solgaard as it checks so many of the boxes of our ideal client:

"The brand is great, the products are great and the people at Solgaard are so great! We are thrilled to be a part of Solgaard's journey in the Nordics!"


Mia Marie Dragåsøien, Head of Brand Marketing at Solgaard, is also confident in a successful collaboration:

"Solgaard has a strong connection to Norway with a Norwegian-Canadian founder, but Norway is a completely new market for us. We are looking forward to introducing our sustainable and innovative design, but we know that in order to be successful we need a strong understanding of the Norwegian consumer and the Norwegian market. What works in the US will not necessarily work as well in Norway.

Utbrudd has the combination of digital expertise, consumer insights and creativity that we were looking for. With them onboard, we are sure that we will be able to build the same strong customer relationships here in Norway as we have in the USA."

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